Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Ongoing career and professional development is important at UOW

More than 100 courses are on offer, in areas such as career development and progression, professional development, communication, occupational health and safety, research development, finance, leadership and management, cultural awareness, systems and library services.

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Leadership and Mentoring

LEADERSHIP: Strive to be selected for training which will develop your leadership capabilities and enhance skill acquisition. The program recognises the leadership, development and management functions of Heads, Associate Deans and potential leaders, and their importance to the overall performance of the University. It covers facilitated group sessions, one-on-one development support and peer networking.

MENTORING: The intensive, one-year PROPEL program develops future academic leaders through a collaborative and interdisciplinary process that breaks down the barriers between disciplines and learning, teaching and research. You will learn to inspire, react quickly to challenges, think beyond disciplinary boundaries and truly live the learning-teaching-research nexus.

Research support & recognition

INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH TRAINING: Become a part of thought-leadership at UOW. To maintain our standing as a leading research institution, we encourage interdisciplinary research and collaboration, and will provide you with training to increase your leadership capabilities in this area.

EARLY CAREER RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Gain the skills, knowledge and ability, and develop the networks and collaborative relationships, required for a successful research and academic career. This 12-month program provides workshops, a writing retreat and mentoring by senior researchers within the University, and covers topics such as:

  • Intellectual property
  • Writing for publication
  • Research grant writing skills
  • Tips for tendering
  • Supervising HDR students

GRANT APPLICATIONS: The Research and Innovation Division research grants team will work with you to ensure your research funding applications meet all the requirements of the funding organisation and have a high probability of success.

CONTRACT RESEARCH: We believe that your specialist expertise should be available to the wider community. We encourage you to connect with the community by undertaking contract research and consultancy work to help transfer knowledge and technology from UOW to the community. The Commercial Research Unit will provide you with advice and assistance.

COMMERCIAL RESEARCH: UOW actively supports the transfer of your research ideas to market. The Innovation and Technology team will work with you through your initial IP disclosure, preliminary Due Diligence and assessment of the readiness of your idea to progress to Project Stage.

RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE: The Innovation Campus (iC) offers the space and opportunities to develop links between leading-edge research and development capabilities and business, industry and government. As a new staff member, you will have the opportunity to assist in the development of research laboratories, equipment and teams.

RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE BLOCK GRANTS: High-quality research in all disciplines is supported through these grants to ensure areas of recognised research potential have access to the support necessary for development.

Teaching support & recognition

PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT AND SERVICES: The Centre for Educational Development, Innovation and Recognition provides support and training in collaboration with other Academic Services Division units. Activities include:

  • Teaching
  • Scholarship, innovation and leadership in learning and teaching
  • Career recognition for teaching excellence and innovation

Learn more about teaching at UOW.

FACULTY SCHOLARS PROGRAM: Each year staff with an interest in developing teaching leadership capacity are invited to apply for the faculty scholars program.

TEACHING AWARDS: Gain formal recognition for exceptional teaching or services to the University through the Vice Chancellor's Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning (OCTAL).

LEARNING AND TEACHING GRANTS: Investigate learning and teaching issues or develop innovative solutions to discipline-specific and institution-wide challenges through a UOW Educational Strategic Development Fund (ESDF) Grant. It is an opportunity to access the resources required to conduct action research or evaluate an educational innovation to improve learning and teaching. An L&T grant represents significant peer recognition.

OFFICE FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING (OLT) GRANTS, AWARDS AND FELLOWSHIPS: $50 million in funding over four years will promote excellence in higher education learning and teaching. The Australian Awards for University Teaching comprise citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning and awards for Programs and Teaching Excellence. Up to five national teaching fellowships, up to five mid-career fellowships, and several secondments to the Office will be offered.

TEACHING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS: Staff development is offered at faculty level through Learning, Teaching & Curriculum team, which also facilitates free teaching-related seminars and workshops

UNIVERSITY LEARNING AND TEACHING COURSE: UOW's teaching development course is offered to all academic and casual teaching staff, and includes workshops and independent study projects related to your teaching. It is a compulsory part of probation and promotion.


ACADEMIC PORTFOLIO: As your career develops, so will your academic portfolio. While there is no standard teaching profile, each item in your portfolio may be used towards promotion or teaching awards. Your academic portfolio helps you to reflect on all aspects of your work, and may include Doctoral, Masters or Honours supervision; curriculum development; resource development; subject design or coordination; lecturing; tutoring; and marking.

EVALUATION: To encourage continual growth and improvement as a teacher, optional formal peer reviews can be added to your academic portfolio. If your role involves student interaction in a formal UOW subject, four teacher evaluations conducted by students are required for promotion. The evaluations are confidential and released only with your authorisation.

PROBATION - EVIDENCE: Maximise your chance of career progression by knowing how to identify the best evidence to demonstrate your ability:

PROMOTION - EVIDENCE: Your academic profile can influence how quickly your career progresses. Ideas for evidence to support your progression:


Last reviewed: 19 November, 2014