Testimonials & Success Stories

Testimonials and Success Stories

Testimonials & Success Stories

Don't just take it from us - listen to our staff talk about what sets UOW apart from every other workplace and what working at UOW means to them.

Listen to our Senior Manager, Strategic Projects talk about working at UOW and her experience as a participant of the UOW Mentoring Program

Listen to our Director, Innovation and Commercial Research talk about how our research has real world impact

Listen to one of our Senior Research Fellows talk about our state of the art, multidisciplinary, research and how academic staff can benefit from working at UOW

From a different perspective: our management cadets, who are just starting out in their career, also talk about their experiences, opportunities and the environment

Statistics from our 2012 UOW Workforce Survey:

At UOW we believe in regularly speaking to our staff to ensure they are thriving in their workplace. It also helps us to improve their experience.

The results from our last workforce survey show that UOW continues to have the highest levels of staff engagement across the higher education sector - so not only do we talk to our staff - we also listen and do something about it.

Here are some of the results from our 2012 workforce survey:

  • 83% of our staff feel a sense of loyalty and commitment to UOW, and 91% are proud to say they work here
  • 93% of our staff feel they have good working relationships with their co-workers
  • 92% of our staff believe UOW is successful
  • 90% of our staff like the kind of work that they do
  • 92% of our staff understand how their job contributes to the success of UOW
  • 86% of our staff believe UOW has a strong research culture, and 85% believe it has a strong teaching culture
  • 89% of our staff believe that UOW has a strong focus on achieving positive results
  • 86% of our staff believe UOW engages with the community in meaningful ways


Last reviewed: 1 July, 2015