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Do I need to complete an application form?

No. However, when you apply online, you will be required to provide some basic information to help us with your application.

How long will the process take?

If successful in advancing to the interview stage, you will be contacted by the University about 2-3 weeks after the application closing date. Interviews are generally held within approximately 1 month of the closing date. An offer will be made as quickly as possible (subject to reference checks and verification of qualifications) – usually within a week or so after the interview.

When will I need to provide evidence of my qualifications?

You are not required to include copies of qualifications with your application. However, you will need to provide original evidence of professional and/or academic qualifications during the recruitment process. We may verify these qualifications with the issuing institution.

If you are applying for an academic position, please include a list of published material in your application. Copies of the publications are not required.

Can I provide an alternative referee if my current supervisor/manager does not know that I am applying for a job?

You can nominate an alternative referee such as a previous supervisor or manager when you apply.

We contact referees by telephone prior to an offer being made for every appointment. However, we do ask your permission before we contact your referees.

For academic positions, we must also obtain a written reference from your referees prior to the interview.

If there is an issue with contacting your current supervisor at the interview or offer stage, please discuss this with the recruiter. You may be asked to provide an additional referee during the interview.

I would like to work part-time or on a casual basis. Is there a register I can put my name on?

From time to time, we need to employ casual or temporary staff. Normally, each faculty, department or unit employs casual staff directly and may not advertise on the UOW website. Please contact the recruitment team to discuss our process and any opportunities that may be available.

Does the University offer relocation assistance?

If you are eligible for relocation assistance, your recruiter will provide you with relevant information at the time of offer. Read more about relocation assistance.

How can I learn more about employment conditions such as leave, hours of work and performance management?

There are many work and lifestyle benefits to working at UOW.

When you receive an offer of employment, you will be covered under the Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement, the General Staff Enterprise Agreement, or an Individual Employment Contract (IEC). All employment conditions will be stipulated in the relevant instrument as outlined in your offer letter.

Where can I park when I come for the interview, and will I need to pay?

The recruiter will explain the parking arrangements and provide you with a campus map prior to the interview. You may be required to pay for parking which is on a per-hour basis. Learn more about parking at UOW.

How long will the interview take?

The recruiter will advise you of the approximate duration of your interview. For some positions, you may be required to complete other selection activities such as a presentation, technical questionnaire, aptitude test or psychometric test.

How many people are on the selection committee?

The structure of the selection committee will vary depending on the position. You will be advised of its composition when you are invited to an interview.

I know a member of the selection committee – am I still eligible to apply?

You should disclose to the recruiter if you share a business or close personal relationship with a member(s) of the selection committee. This will not hinder your application. It is an issue for the chair/recruitment team to review the make-up of the selection committee if necessary.

How long after the interview will I find out whether I have been successful?

You will be informed at the conclusion of the interview of the expected decision timeframe. Pending final checks and discussions, successful candidates are generally informed within a week of the interview. If unsuccessful, you will be advised shortly thereafter. At this time, unsuccessful candidates will be provided with feedback in relation to their interview and reasons as to why they were unsuccessful.

Please contact the recruitment team with any questions about the application process.

Last reviewed: 3 November, 2015

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