Writing Your Application

Writing Your Application

UOW Recruitment - Writing Application

You can effectively highlight your suitability for the role, and draw the selection committee's attention to your relevant skills by addressing each of the selection criteria. Below are some techniques that can help demonstrate how you meet the selection criteria.

Support your statements

Provide examples of how you meet each of the selection criteria. Draw examples from your work, education, leisure activities and community work such as achievements, work experience or specific projects.

Use active speech

The use of verbs actively illustrates your experience – use phrases such as 'I negotiated', 'I achieved' or 'I edited'.

Address every selection criteria

Break down the elements within each criteria, and provide evidence of how you meet each element.

Use bullet points

Highlight the most critical parts of your experience and achievements by using bullet points. This allows the reader to review this information easily.

Write clearly and concisely

Ensure spelling and grammar are correct. Have someone with a good command of English look over your application and avoid technical jargon. Express yourself in general business terms.

Be results-orientated

If possible, quantify your achievements – refer to them in terms of cost or time savings; value of grants received; increases in productivity; implementation of recommendations; simplified processes. Include goals and achievements from previous performance or development reviews.

Maintain credibility

Avoid language which suggests your work is perfect – 'I always provide superior customer service' or 'I never miss deadlines'.

Structure your response

  • Use a new heading for each criteria
  • Carefully construct your answers
  • Include in each answer how you achieved something (behaviour); how well you did it and how you overcame challenges (performance); and the outcome (effectiveness)


Essential Criteria: Demonstrated ability to deal with staff at all levels of the organisation.

Response: In my current role, I not only provide policy and procedural advice to my peers, I also provide financial information and advice to senior staff within my division, including the general manager and director.

Please contact the recruitment team with any questions about writing your application.

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Last reviewed: 13 July, 2012