Relocating to UOW

Educating your family

Wollongong has many schooling options available to suit all budgets and needs. For younger children, there are numerous child care options available, including Kids Uni, which is located on UOW's main campus.

There are many primary and secondary schools located within the Wollongong area

Child care

Wollongong has numerous child care centres which can meet your requirements from just a few hours per week to full-time care.

Child care places are in high demand and we encourage you to register with several centres as soon as your needs arise.

You can compare your options below.

Finding the right centre

Once you have decided on the most suitable option, you can use the below links to search for centres in your area:

Financial assistance

Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible to receive Australian Government Child Care Benefit.

You should check the Department of Human Services website to determine if you are eligible.

Kids Uni

UOW has it's own child care centres. Kids Uni provides child care and after school care for children aged 0-15.


The Department of Education is the Government body for education in Australia and useful information available.

There are both public and private school options available.

Public schools (government) generally have minimal costs, although fees may apply for non-residents.

Private schools set their own fees, so you will need to contact each school directly for information about enrolment and fees.

Last reviewed: 19 December, 2016