Relocating to UOW


Australia has a public healthcare system as well as private health insurance.

Public Healthcare

Medicare is Australia's public healthcare system. It provides free public hospital care, assistance in meeting doctor's fees and reduces the cost of many prescribed medicines.

Australia has signed a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with some countries. You should visit the Medicare website to determine if you are eligible to access these arrangements.

Private Health Insurance

Many Australians have private health insurance cover, for treatment in a private or public hospital, and a range of services that Medicare does not cover.

Private health insurance funds generally offer two levels of cover – hospital only and ancillary (extras) cover such as physiotherapy, dental and optical treatment. Premiums will depend on the level of cover you choose and will differ by fund.

Temporary residents: If you are not eligible for Medicare, you will need to purchase health insurance to cover you for the duration of your contract. 

There are many health funds to choose from, you should compare funds to find the one most suitable to your needs.

Your visa may not be granted until you have provided evidence of having arranged private health insurance coverage for you and your dependents for the term of your contract.

Last reviewed: 9 January, 2017