Recruitment advice

Do I need to complete an application form?

  • No. There is an online questionnaire that you will be asked to complete after you hit the 'apply' button.

When will I need to provide evidence of my qualifications?

  • If you have certified copies of your qualifications then you should include it with your application. If you don't then you will be asked to provide original evidence of professional and/or academic qualifications during the recruitment process. We may verify these qualifications with the issuing institution.
  • Academic positions only: please include a list of published material in your application. Copies of the publications are not required.

When should I provide my referee details?

  • You can provide these details in your application, but we will confirm  details if you are required for an interview.
  • Normally reference checking will include your current and previous supervisor.
  • Academic positions only: we may also obtain a written reference from your referees prior to the interview, which we will confirm with you. 

Where can I learn more about employment conditions (e.g. leave, hours of work)?

Where can I park when I come for the interview, and will I need to pay?

  • Consult the campus map prior to the interview.
  • There are public transport options available to assist you in getting to UOW.
  • You may be required to pay for parking which is on a per-hour basis. Refer to parking at UOW.

How many people are on the selection committee?

  • The number differs depending on the position. You will be told of the composition when you are invited for an interview.

I know someone on the selection committee, what should I do?

  • Let the Recruiter know if you have a business or close personal relationship with any member of the selection committee. This will not hinder your application.
Last reviewed: 15 December, 2016